Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr Fudge's World Famous Mince Balls

Step 1: Get your Chef to buy you some mince: Any Mince, but Lamb, Free Range Chicken or Fish is best. Most importantly: The Chef must buy what YOU like best.

Step 2: Your Chef can add some Herbs, cooked Vegetables (I Never put any of that Crap in) or Cheese (after I supervised the preparation, there wasn't any left, Oh Well).

Step 3: Prepare some little bags. My Chef uses generic brand Sandwich Bags. If you're a worried about plastic bags, you could use Foil or Wax Paper.

Step 4: Chef rolls the mince into Cat sized Balls (Eating Balls that is) including any of the other Ingredients You like Best!

Step 5: At this Point, it is Your Prerogative to Eat as Many As You Can before Chef pops them into the Freezer.

Step 6: Nominal Serving is 2 Mince Balls per Day. But if You sit in front of the 'Fridge and Meow loudly as I do, every Time your Chef/Underling opens the Freezer Door, you are bound to get as many as you like. If this does not work, Either You are a failure as a Cat or your Chef/ Underling requires Intensive Re-Education.

Now You Have My Never Fail Recipe for my World Famous Mince Balls or as I like to call them: "Happy Cat Balls" or for Chinese Cats "Lucky Cat Balls"

Enjoy! With Love From Young Mr Fudge xxxx


  1. These look very good, apart from the vegetables (yuk) - do you eat 'em frozen or wait for them to thaw out?


    PS: Lots of cats would love to meet you. Put links to your post on the front page of:-


  2. Uncle Fudgie these look scrumptious! You are such a good looking kitty and knowing you eat these makes us tell our mama - get to steppin and make us some! Thanks for the recipe!!

    Warrior & Vixen

  3. Oh my. That looks divine but really...really....I do.not.cook.
    But you are marvelous!

  4. We miss you. Please come back.

  5. Deux Ex Machina...OK???
    Just how do you plan to artificially change the ending of the story....
    Ya can't ride off into the sunset,that never affects the story,for Zane Grey anyway...
    Besides, no good author since Dickens,or Hugo has used that rotten trick.
    If you are going to make it a story,why not try Chandler?
    Much more interesting ending that way.
    Work it out,kid. We will miss you way to much otherwise!

  6. Thanks for the recipe, miss you on twitter. But I promise to keep up with you on here :)

    ~Peanut, Evil Bunny Overlord

  7. Luv da recipe. Follow my blog http://winstoncattails.blogspot.com/ and i will continue to follow your. Miss you. Hugs Winston

  8. This recipe looks delicious. I'm going to have to get my chef to try it so that I can grab some. Purrs.

  9. Hey, Mr. Fudge! I'm Lily, the blogbean for Cat Philanthropy. It's nice to meet you! Welcome to the Blogosphere!