Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr Fudge's World Famous Mince Balls

Step 1: Get your Chef to buy you some mince: Any Mince, but Lamb, Free Range Chicken or Fish is best. Most importantly: The Chef must buy what YOU like best.

Step 2: Your Chef can add some Herbs, cooked Vegetables (I Never put any of that Crap in) or Cheese (after I supervised the preparation, there wasn't any left, Oh Well).

Step 3: Prepare some little bags. My Chef uses generic brand Sandwich Bags. If you're a worried about plastic bags, you could use Foil or Wax Paper.

Step 4: Chef rolls the mince into Cat sized Balls (Eating Balls that is) including any of the other Ingredients You like Best!

Step 5: At this Point, it is Your Prerogative to Eat as Many As You Can before Chef pops them into the Freezer.

Step 6: Nominal Serving is 2 Mince Balls per Day. But if You sit in front of the 'Fridge and Meow loudly as I do, every Time your Chef/Underling opens the Freezer Door, you are bound to get as many as you like. If this does not work, Either You are a failure as a Cat or your Chef/ Underling requires Intensive Re-Education.

Now You Have My Never Fail Recipe for my World Famous Mince Balls or as I like to call them: "Happy Cat Balls" or for Chinese Cats "Lucky Cat Balls"

Enjoy! With Love From Young Mr Fudge xxxx

Games Cats Can Play With Their Toes...

TweedleDee and TweedleDum!

Which of These

Is My Thumb!


Cat World Domination

A Cat that projectile poops is possibly the greatest Weapon in the War for Cat World Domination! It's like a having a Kalashnikov on hand.

Small Brown Cat Seeks Projectile Pooping Cats for World Domination.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chocolate Easter Cat

I arrived in my new Home at Easter. Because I am so chocolatey, my Mam calls me the Chocolate Easter Cat.

Even My Whiskers are Chocolate!

As you can see, I have a Perfect Bunny Profile.

I am very proud of this. I don't really know why...

My First Day In My New Home

This was my first day. I had meet a Basenji, a Greyhound, 2 Siamese, a pair of Mice (more about THAT later...(!)) a new Mam, and an Old Birman.

It wasn't easy I can tell you. But I kept my wits about me...

Unfortunately, so did the Basenji!...

Young Mr Fudge

Things I Have Achieved:
1. Stole food
2. Have Mam under full control. She understands pointlessness of chastising.
3. Slept.
4. Purred a bit.

Wondered about the universe: Do we live in an absolutist or a relativist world? i'd like answers please...